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Many people have an interest in commercial roof coatings but simply don’t know enough about them to make an informed decision. It’s hard to purchase something, especially something as costly and long-lasting as a roof coating, without knowing much about the product. Commercial roof coatings often get ignored because they are the newcomer in the market and many buyers simply aren’t aware of them or don’t know much about them.

What Is the Purpose of Commercial Roof Coatings? 

The purpose of commercial roof coatings is to improve the performance of your roof and increase its lifespan. Roof coatings are designed to be spray or roll-applied directly to your existing roof surface. This new coating protects your building from leaks thanks to its monolithic structure (meaning no seams), self-adhering properties (meaning no fasteners), and flashing capabilities (meaning no special features around pipes, just one membrane). On top of virtually eliminating leaks from your roof surface, most commercial roof coatings are reflective, meaning they don’t absorb UV rays, but reflect them back into the atmosphere instead. This keeps your roof surface cooler, and keeps the interior of your building cooler, saving you money.

Types of Commercial Roof Coatings 

When talking about commercial roof coatings, there are several different options available. Silicone, acrylic, aluminum, polyurethane, and others. However, the main competitors in the commercial roof coatings market are silicone and acrylic.  


Commercial Roof Coatings Benefits 


As we mentioned above, commercial roof coatings almost completely eliminate leaks from your roof. You may still have a leak now and then, but they are so rare and so easy to fix you’ll wonder how you ever lived without a commercial roof coating. 


Commercial roof coatings are almost always reflective, keeping the sun’s rays out of your building which keeps your building cooler. This saves you money and keeps your workers happy. 

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