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Asphalt Re-Roofing

Manufacturers across North America are making asphalt roofing systems better and more versatile for architects, builders, contractors, roofing consultants and building owner/managers. The addition of polymers that add stretch and strength make it so you can now apply your commercial, low-slope roof any way you want it: hot, cold, torch, or self-adhered, to meet your individual low-slope roofing project’s needs. Today’s asphalt roofing products are beautiful, affordable, reliable and are trusted to perform exceptionally well against extreme weather conditions. 

Low slope asphalt roofing systems are the most cost-effective choice for commercial roofing projects because they maximize usable space to design areas for recreation or gardens. They provide multilayer protection and easy maintenance and are widely available and economic. 


  • Inexpensive over entire life cycle 

  • “Best bang for buck” 

  • Versatile options — choose the right system for your budget 


  • Easy to find contractors to install 

  • Widely available product 

  • Versatile products and systems 


  • Ease of repair 

  • Low maintenance 


  • Multi-layer protection 

  • Thermal performance 

  • Fire and up-lift performance 

  • Durable, reliable 

  • Seals concrete decks 

  • Suitable for all types of roof decks 

  • Successful 100+ year track record 

  • Redundancy of layers reduces chance for leaks 

  • Superb tensile strength 

  • Withstands high roof traffic 

  • Strong and tough, today’s formulas resists weathering 

  • Insulated systems achieve high thermal value 

  • Adaptable to meet any penetration or flashing detail configuration 

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